Well, it’s summertime, and the living is easy…enough. Had some extra time, and some extra thoughts, so decided to perhaps start a blog. 

Haven’t exactly decided on a theme yet, but shouldn’t have to, I figure that will pan itself out later on.

A little about myself though I guess—

Just turned 19 a few weeks ago, June 6th to be exact.

Born and raised in the D.C. metro area, and proud of it. The diverse people, the free museums, the weather, I love it all! I am now however currently in North Carolina…taking some summer classes. I miss home a bit, but ill be back soon D.C, I promise.

what else…

Going to be a sophomore next year, very excited! I think I’m going to major in Biology and Cultural anthropology. I also think I want to be premed. I also think I am one of the least decisive human beings on this planet, but hey, life goes on.

My Philosophies 

I believe that as long as you are genuine you shouldn’t have too many regrets in life. At the time of your decision making, it was just what you wanted, no? You’re not perfect, so cut your self some slack, however never let yourself go— you live to better yourself and to leave a positive and influential mark on the world. If that means curing cancer, more power to ya, if that means being a stay at home mom, then raise that child with every ounce of passion that you got. Find your niche, and hone it.

My religion? Nondenominational; But I am a hardcore science nerd and also a hardcore believer in God. The more I learn about the world, the more I believe that this wonderful place could not have been created by some random accident!

My hobbies

I’m a runner, a distance runner. Ran cross country, and track in high school—now I just run for fun and to stay in shape! My goal is to one day race at the Boston Marathon. It’s gonna happen. 

My family

I’ve got three lovely little brothers. I feel as if I have gotten way closer to them now that I’ve gone off to college—Being the only girl in the family, and significantly older than they, I felt as if I played the parent card more than the cool older sib one but I really look forward to the day when they mature and we can see eye to eye. 

I am very grateful for all of my friends. They mean more to me than they know! Laughing, crying, studying, working out, mischief making— Honestly, life is just so much better when you’ve got people to share it with. Thanks for putting up with me and all of my quirkiness ;)

I also have a boyfriend of a year and a half. We are on the same level. By that, I mean we understand each other almost perfectly. He notices all the little things about me and about life that I swear only I ever thought about. 

Ethnically I’m a mess, got some German, Swedish, Cameroonian, African-American, Russian, and Native-American. On surveys and standardized tests, I select “non-Hispanic” and “Other”. My first language is English but I know some Spanish, and I am currently studying French at Duke University!

And my name? I have many of those too ;]